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Forget the wet fish – just bring me a blunt instrument

My favorite international statesman Sepp Blatter has once again covered himself and the Footballing world in glory by suggesting that far from being vilified, John Terry would have ben “applauded” in Latin America (and many other parts of the world apparently) for his recent (alledged) off-field escapades.

It’s all an overreation, an anti John Terry conspiracy you see – driven by our quaint ‘anglo-saxon’ media apparatus apparently.

The man is beyond cringe-worthy. He’s just offensive and not fit for high office.

How can the man who is supposed to represent the world’s favorite sport get it so badly wrong so often? I don’t care what he personally gets up to and nor do I claim to be any sort of saint but in his role as head of Soccer’s World Governing body how can he suggest that sleeping with your close friend and team-mates ex-wife (mother to their child) while married yourself, then pay for her to abort your love child (all allegedly of course) before (allegedly) paying her not to sell her story to be a cause for applause anywhere at any time?

Leaving aside that the whole thing is a moral cesspit in any walk of life, at a time when soccer is pushing it’s Respect and Fair Play campaigns here in the UK surely the irony of the lack of respect, loyalty, team-ethic and fair play cannot be lost on him.

He’s an insult to those so badly hurt by this tawdry affair, the game itself, his profession and not least to the Latin American people.

Forget the wet fish I asked for in my last Sepp Batter inspired entry. Just bring me a blunt instument and let the real applause rain down.

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Can someone slap Sepp Blatter with a wet fish please?

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Just watching Sepp Blatter holding court this afternoon with the world’s press.

Having first publicly humiliated the FAI by openingly laughing as he announced their (rather naive and privately laughable it has to be admitted) request to be included in the World Cup as team 33, he then had a little chuckle at the expense of Costa Rica before going on to utter the immortal line:

“The rules of the game have been the same for 124 years….” with a smugness that made me feel decidedly uneasy.

Wonderful. Nothing like a little progress in keeping up with the increased speed, technical proficiency, televised analysis and commercialisation of the sport…..

Video technology in football is an inevitability. Great to see the FAI press on with the campaign for that in their submission today. It’s a shame old Sepp and his cronies are oblivious to the fact that by allowing events like this to play on and on as they have over the last few years and refusing calls to assst referees with appropriate technologies they are in fact compromising the proud legacy of the great game rather than protecting it.

Oh – trout rather than salmon if you can please.

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