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Participative Democracy reaches Lambeth

Excellent to see this on my doorstep from Lambeth Borough Council.  As demonstrated in Ivo Gormely’s excellent documentary last year: ‘Us. Now’, these consultations on spending finite sums of money on a range of specific local initiatives or resources are an easy and effective way to engage local communities, harness the wisdom of the crowd and ensure transparency/accountability of public funding allocations. 

Of course, as with all such public votes there are some who may try and corrupt the process but I am sure the proper checks and balances are in place and that we’ll see more of this rather than less, particularly if the many exciting (and it pains me to say that) proposals emerging from Conservative HQ for more ‘open democracy’ come to fruition.

And for me, that is a very good thing.

Your borough, your budget, your choice! 

14 September 2009

This week we launched a new scheme as we want more people involved in deciding how the council’s money is spent. So, we’re inviting local people to choose which projects will get a share of £250,000.

The idea is that you can vote for one of the projects listed on our website. The projects include an upgrade to the BMX bike track in Brockwell Park, new computer facilities at the Darby and Joan pensioners’ club, a new children’s wet play area in Norwood Park or new street signs in Vauxhall and Kennington. These are all decisions that would have been taken by councillors in the past – but now we’re opening up the doors to the public.

I hope people will log on and have their say. For information on how to vote visit the council’s website by going to or return the voting form that arrived with this week’s edition of Lambeth Life. You can vote anytime until 18 October 2009.

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Posted by Councillor Steve Reed

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